The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted many inequalities in our society, but perhaps one of the most stark has been seeing the impact on children and young people of school closures.

Some 1.8 million children* are classed as vulnerable because they cannot access the tech and devices they need to allow them to continue their education from home. Many more are having to share devices with working from home parents or their siblings.

Schools across the country are calling out for donations – from village infant schools to inner city academies – to simply provide all of their students with a fair chance to learn.

At Gumtree, we know the power of community action. That’s why we’re calling on our 14 million users** – people who believe in wasting less, sharing more, and supporting the local community – to help children in their local area through the donation of good quality laptops, monitors, printers and other devices.

We’re signposting our users to find schools in their local area in need of donations via the Business2Schools website.

Donating a device means that one more young person will be able to home-school effectively. And collectively, these donations will ensure that children, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, don’t miss out on crucial opportunities for learning.

For more information, or to tell us about a donation you’ve made in your local area, please contact us.

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