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Tech Wanted! Here’s how you can help a homeschooler...

The national lockdown has forced schools to close once again, and there isn’t (yet) a timetable for when children will be able to fully return to the classroom.

This is difficult for families across the country, but for the 1.8 million children* who don’t have the basic tech they need to connect and study from home, it means even more setbacks in an already disrupted education. 

For 20 years Gumtree has been helping connect communities to what they need most, that’s why we’re calling on our 14 million monthly users** to join the growing movement to #helpahomeschooler.

Many turn to our platform when they’re ready to pass on their unused and unwanted laptops and devices. So, this year, whether you’ve recently upgraded your laptop, discovered an old computer during a declutter or perhaps received some new tech for Christmas, why not donate your old devices to schools in your local area instead?

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Click on the button below to find a school in your local area.
Important, remember to make sure to wipe all your data before you donate.



Public support for this campaign has been incredible. If you’d like to join in and donate your device then click below to visit the Business2Schools website to find out more. Please note this is an external website. Important, remember to make sure to wipe all your data before you donate.


Find out more about ensuring your device is ready for rehoming.


At Gumtree, we know the power of our community. That’s why we’re calling on our 14 millions users** – people who believe in wasting less, sharing more – to help children in their local area through the donation of good quality laptops, monitors, printers and other devices.


* Ofcom:

** Comscore MMX Multi-Platform, Total Audience, unique monthly users, monthly average calculated from July 2020 to September 2020 UK across platform (mobile and desktop)